Company Values

Sanders Construction Services begins to separate itself from other General Contractors even before the first plans are discussed or any groundbreaking takes place. Our philosophy is to approach each new opportunity as the beginning of a long term relationship. We place a very high value in an on-going partnership based on trust, as do our clients.

While we prepare competitive bids on a selective basis, we emphasize the design/build and negotiated approach. This gives us the opportunity to use our in-house pre-construction experience in value analysis to create the most cost effective solutions for our client’s needs. It also means that you can depend on the constant involvement of project management. We consider this crucial in being able to quickly make the necessary decisions pertaining to each project, especially in today’s fast track environment.

The extra value that SCS brings to a project is enhanced by our Total Quality Management approach. We are constantly reviewing and improving our internal and external performance. Even our relationships with our sub-contractors are defined and monitored to ensure that they are involved at the appropriate time, and that we receive the most competitive and complete prices, as well as have all of our client’s expectations clearly met. Through this program, SCS not only exceeds the industry standard, but sets it’s own.